How to Remove Blogger Share Buttons

remove blogger share buttons
Actually the default blogger share buttons are small and cool. Just because AddThis and ShareThis are giving more options which includes tracking of the number of likes, shares, etc, most the blogger users are replacing the blogger share buttons with the advanced AddThis/ShareThis buttons.

If you wish to remove the official blogger share buttons so as to replace it with AddThis/ShareThis buttons then it is simple. Blogger allows us to remove the share buttons with a single click. But if you are using a custom blogger template then sometimes it wont be removed by using the default method. In that case you have to manually remove the code from the template. Below i will show you both the ways to remove the blogger share buttons.

Method 1: Default Method

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard >> Layout:

Step 2: Click the 'Edit' option on the Blog Posts section

Step 3: Uncheck the check box corresponding to 'Show Share Buttons'.

blogger share buttons
Step 4: Click the orange save button.

Method 2: Removing Manually

 Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML:

Step 2:
Check the 'Expand Widget Template' check box at top left.

Step 3: Using Ctrl+F search for the below code and remove it:
<b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>
Step 4: Click the orange 'Save template' button.

That's it! You have successfully removed the official blogger share buttons. Still if you are facing any troubles while removing the official blogger share buttons then please share it with us through the comment box below! On the go if you liked our blog then please subscribe to us by registering your mail ID here.

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