Simple Yet Stylish Share Buttons for Blogger

share buttons
Recently one of our twitter follower asked us to create him a custom social sharing widget with some icons. The icons were of the WordPress plugin Simple Share Buttons.

While creating the widget for him, we decided to make the widget easily customizable, so that it will be easy for everyone to customize it with their own icons and effects.

Actually, this widget is created to be placed below the blog posts. Placing it below the post title or somewhere else will be boring. So lets start...

How to Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger

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facebook like box
Want to convert your visitors into Facebook fans ?

Even though Facebook like box pop-up and Facebook content locker can bring you some quick Facebook likes, adding a Facebook like box to the sidebar of your blogger blog is the most decent way to get some real Facebook likes without annoying your visitors.

Replacing Blog Author Icon in Blogger Threaded Comments

After reading the title of this post you may have asked yourself, "What the fu*k is this blog author icon ?".

The answer is simple... It is the damn icon shown after the name on the comments by author in blogger threaded comments.

Yup, that boring pen icon...

If you ever wanted to replace that god damn icon, then here is the way...

How to Highlight Author’s Comments in Blogger

Author's comments
Imagine this...

You and I have same name (let it be Mathew Stephen) and I started commenting on your blog regularly creating an ambiguity about the author among your readers.

What will be your next step? Going to kill my comments from your blog?

You're going to kill my comments means you're going to stop me from visiting your blog. i.e you're going to lose a damn active visitor...

Tabbed Author Box Widget For Blogger

Author Box Widget For Blogger
Author box widgets are usually used in multi-author blogs to let the visitors know about the author. In single author blogs, an about the author widget is placed in the sidebar for the same...

However, things seems changed now, using an author box widget has become a matter of style. They are now being used in both muti-author and single-author blogs.